Grandstream Debits GVC3200 Video Conferencing System

eWeek, one of the most popular technology news and reviews site in the world, write an article about the launch of our GVC3200. The article includes and interview with Grandstream's Phil Bowers who talks about the demand within the video conferencing market that lead to the GVC3200, the current state of the video conferencing market place and more.

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Grandstream Launches Android Video Conferencing System, a popular Android blog and user website, writes about the launch of our GVC3200 Video Conferencing System. As the site is all about Android, their review takes a specific look at the Android functionality of the GVC3200 and highlights the fact the it is the first mainstream Android -based video conferencing system on the market.


Wainhouse Research Covers GVC3200 Launch at InfoComm

Wainhouse Research, the most prominent market research firm within the VoIP and video conferencing industry. talked to us at Infocomm 2015 about the launch of our new GVC3200. Wainhouse also got a look at other video conferencing systems at InfoComm and talks about the great advantages that the GVC3200 offers over other mainstream systems. 

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