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Sonoran Sun Resort

A Tropical Resort in Mexico Builds a Comprehensive Communications Network with Grandstream Solutions - The Sonoran Sun Resort

Thanks to Grandstream, the Sonoran Sun Resort now has a local, scalable and reliable VoIP telephony network that can tap directly into the public network for outside calls and offers multiple backup options.


Architectural Firm uses Grandstream to Build Robust Voice and Data Network for International Business Operations

Craft Studio, a major player in the architectural services industry in Latin America, recently built a robust voice and data communications solution using Grandstream’s UCM6100 series IP PBX and GXP1405 IP Phones that resulted in a 75% savings on communication costs while adding a suite of international calling options.

Craft Studio case study – English.pdf
Craft Studio case study – Spanish.pdf
Craft Studio case study – Portuguese.pdf

Cornertsone Merchant Services Integrates Virtual Receptionist with Grandstream's UCM6100 series

Cornerstone Merchant Services, Inc., a provider of transaction processing solutions and point of sale systems, implemented an ALICE Receptionist virtual management solution integrated with Grandstream's UCM6100 series IP PBX in order to improve the customer expereicne, streamline operations, and save money. The new digital receptions is able to handle all customers who visit Cornerstone's office while also being able to trigger voice and video calls to employees throughout the company - whether they are in the office or remote.

Cornerstone case study – English.pdf

Epoka University

Epoka University is a private university located in Tirana, Albania. The school was using an old analog-based communications system that lacked important telephony features and did not support video at all. Epoka University, the top ranked university in Albania, installed an IP network using Grandstream solutions that offers state-of-the-art telephony features, advanced video calling, and comprehensive video surveillance monitoring/recording to keep the campus safe. This new networkis flexible, easily expandable, and converged voice, video, and data tools onto one common network for central management.

Epoka case study – English.pdf

Millennium Mall

A high traffic, six-story retail shopping center, the Millennium Mall has a total of 215 stores including restaurants and a movie theater that services over one million visitors a month, and additionally a 12-story office building. The Mall installed Grandstream IP Phones, IP Multimedia Phones, and IP Video Surveillance endpoints on Epygi’s QuadroM32x to deliver reliable and unified voice communications, secure video surveillance and free video conferencing.

Millennium case study – English.pdf



Petrobras / IBIRITERMO / UTEACH (Usina Termo Electrica Aureliano Chavez) is the largest company in Brazil and ranks as the 4th biggest energy company in the world with a presence in 28 countries. Petrobras was using antiquated surveillance equipment that needed to be updated, and the company did so by implementing Grandstream's products to easily transform their existing surveillance system into an IP-Surveillance System which could be monitored using a Digifort VMS platform.

Petrobras case study – English.pdf
Petrobras case study – Spanish.pdf

Private Security Company Relies on Grandstream IP Phones to Keep Clients Safe

The Pelakani Security Group, a private a security firm in Albania that protects some of the largest companies in the country, recently upgraded to a state-of-the-art IP telephony platform using a variety of Grandstream IP Phones. The new solution drastically increased supported call volume and data features, allowing Pelakani to better protect their clients

Pelakani case study – English.pdf
Pelakani case study – Spanish.pdf
Pelakani case study – Portuguese.pdf



SigmaVoIP replaces Cisco UC300 series with Grandstream's UCM6100 series

SigmaVoIP, a leading VoIP installer in the United States, analyzed the global market of SMB IP PBX solutions looking for a replacement option to bring to customers currently using Cisco’s UC300 Series. SigmaVoIP found a replacement that offers features and functionality far beyond what the UC300 Series offers while featuring a lower purchase price and no on-going fees: Grandstream’s UCM6100 series of IP PBX Appliances.

SigmaVoIP case study – English.pdf

Tabbara General Company

Tabbara General Company

As success ensued, Tabbara General Company, based in Beirut, Lebanon, seized the opportunity to reach a wider business market base by opening additional offices around the world. The company chose Grandstream products to create a single, worldwide IP network for unified voice communications, video conferencing, and video surveillance applications that would expand productivity, efficiency, and communication between employees.

Tabbara case study – English.pdf

The Kovalevo Childen's Center

The Kovalevo Childen's Center

The Kovalevo Center is a non-profit Children's center in the mountains of Russia. The Center is made up of multiple buildings that are home to children as well as a full staff of employees and volunteers. With an outdated analog telephone system in place, the Kovalevo Center turned to Grandstream so build a fully integrated voice, video calling, video surveillance, and facility access control solution - all from one manufacturer under one network.

Kovalevo case study – English.pdf

The Trans Group

The Trans Group

The Trans Group is one of the largest school and transit transportation companies in the greater New York City region. They transport over 35,000 children every year and operate a fleet of over 1,000 school buses. Every day, families place their trust in The Trans Group and The Trans Group has, in turn, placed its trust in Grandstream.

The Trans Group case study – English.pdf

Service Elements

The Upper West Side Apartments

For over 20 years, Service Elements has been a leading provider of building management systems and network services to over 100,000 homes and businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. Service Elements was keen to the fact that facility security has become an integral part of new residential projects worldwide, and saw an opportuity to bring to the market a state-of-the-art and incredibly easy to manage facility security solution.

Service elements case study – English.pdf

Wren Solutions

Wren Solutions

A security company’s growth and success required them to evaluate their communications infrastructure and replace their old legacy phone system with an IP system. Wren Solutions embraced the future in VoIP by implementing Grandstream IP Phones on a 3CX platform to move ahead while keeping costs low and maximizing features and applications.

Wren case study – English.pdf