Our solutions for education


Our award-winning solutions allow school and college/universities to build secure and reliable unified communications networks that keep all parts of the school or campus safe and connected

Secure and Reliable – Our products, including our UCM series of IP PBXs, offer schools a secure and reliable voice, video, data and mobility solution

Stay Safe and Connected – We offer a variety of IP phones and IP cameras that are easy-to-use, keep schools and campuses connected, and can work together to add an extra layer of security.

Powerful Surveillance– Protect any school or campus all day and all night with our IP surveillance solutions – which can send out alerts when events occur


Classroom and office - voice

We offer a wide-range of IP phones in order to offer the ideal model for any setting. Put our Enterprise IP phones in the administrative office to handle large call volumes and transfer calls and put our easy-to-use small business IP phones in the classrooms.

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Grandstream's IP Voice Telephony products


Grandstream's IP Video Telephony products

Classroom and office-  video

Our IP video Phones for Android offer a great classroom multimedia hub that also offers video calling to/from administrative offices or other classrooms.

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Security and Facility Access 

Keep any school or campus safe, day or night, using Grandstream IP surveillance solutions. Grandstream security solutions can not only record and monitor video feeds but can also alert users when a security event occurs to keep everyone safe. Our IP cameras and/or IP Video Phone for Android can also be integrated with SIP door openers or third party IP Door cameras to create a facility access solution.

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Grandstream's IP Video Surveillance products


Grandstream's IP PBX's products

System Management

Our UCM series of IP PBXs allows schools to build a phone system that can handle a large amount of callers and multiple locations. Build a voice network that incorporate call recordings, CDR,  IVRs, auto-attendants, call queues, customizable call routing, paging and multi-language prompts in order to keep your school or campus connected and safe.

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