Thursday, December 10  2015

10am - 5:00pm (EST)
Grandstream Corporate Headquarters
126 Brookline Avenue, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02215  

Event Information

This workshop will provide a complete overview of our VoIP products as well as hands-on training for all attendees on how to install, set-up and manage Grandstream’s UCM6100 series IP PBX Appliances, which run on the powerful Asterisk operating system.  Attendees will also have the option of taking a certification test, at the end of the training.  Registration is Free!  Attendees will also have the option to purchase the UCM6102 IP PBX Appliance and GXP2130 IP Phone that they will use during the workshop for a special price of $275 (almost 50% off).


Workshop Schedule

10am-10:30am -- Introduction to VoIP
10:30am-11:30pm -- Grandstream VoIP & IP Surveillance Solutions
11:30am-12:00pm -- Introduction to UCM IP PBX Appliance
12:00pm-1:00pm -- Lunch
1:00pm-5:30pm -- Hands-on UCM Training & Certification Test


Topics Covered

Quick Installation
PSTN Configuration
Peering/SIP Trunk Configuration
System Settings and Customization
And more…


**All attendees will have the opportunity to purchase one (1) UCM6102 IP PBX Appliance and one (1) GXP2130 unit that will be used at the workshop for a special price of $275 (almost 50% off).  The bundle package will be available for purchase via credit & debit cards at the conclusion of the training session.



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